Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Cheese

Photo by Audrey Mirabito From Spoon University If a hug from your mother could be turned into a sandwich, it'd be grilled cheese. From the toasty, crunchy bread outside to the gooey, cheesy goodness inside, it's the stuff summer breaks and rainy days in our childhoods are made of. But as we grow older, it's important … Continue reading Cinnamon Sugar Grilled Cheese


The Persimmon Smoothie

Photo Credit: Up Root Kitchen, 2015. Have you tried a persimmon yet? It’s a high sugar fruit with three major varieties and they are in season from October through January, making it one of the  few seasonal options in winter! For the most part, they are grown in the United States in  California, Florida, and certain areas in … Continue reading The Persimmon Smoothie