What Can You Do With a Parsnip?


A Word About Parsnips

Sweet in flavor and robust in feel, parsnips are often the first vegetable to scoffed at when used in a side dish. However, for the frugal home cook, they can be used and stretch much further than being simply roasted in chunks. Like their relative carrots, parsnips can be used in sweet dishes and brunch recipes, plus they deserve to take center stage as the star component of a main course. Parsnips will see you through from breakfast to dinner and even dessert. And you can  make the most of this versatile root for just about any dish.

Here, we have picked our favorite ways to cook with this most resourceful root vegetable.


Top Tips

  • Savour the nutrients and don’t bother peeling young, small parsnips. Just gently scrub them to remove any dirt and serve them whole.
  • When dealing with older parsnips, peel very thinly to avoid waste. Make a judgement call on whether the central core is too fibrous and tough to be cooked.
  • Uncooked parsnips keep in the fridge for around a week.

Our Top  Parsnip Recipes


Parsnip hash browns
Parsnip hash browns

Use parsnips alongside potato and serve grated in a delicious breakfast hash. Top with your early morning favorites.  like bacon, poached egg and grilled cherry tomatoes.

Side Dishes

Potato and parsnip bake
Honey-mustard parsnip & potato bake

The beauty of this dish lies in its multiple textures – a creamy sauce, crunchy breadcrumb topping and chunky parsnips.

Curried parsnip mash
Curried parsnip mash

A touch of curry powder sets parsnips off a treat. This flavorsome mash works well with sausages and gravy, or alongside an alternative roast dinner.

Parmesan parsnips
Roast Parmesan parsnips

Polenta and cheese add a lovely crispy crumb to these roasted parsnip fingers, to be served with roasted meat and fish. If you’re catering for non meat-eaters, make sure you pick up some vegetarian Parmesan.

Main Course

Parsnip pilaf

Parsnip pilaf

Let parsnips shine as the main component of this basmati rice dish. There’s a bunch of them in there, so everyone should get a decent portion. The green sauce is made from coriander, dill, parsley, mint and pistachios.


Parsnip cake
Parsnip & maple syrup cake

This bake won our 20th birthday cake competition, and for good reason. Parsnip and maple syrup are a heavenly combination. When teamed with spices, mascarpone and pecans we’re talking a seriously special sandwich cake.

Salted caramel parsnips
Salted caramel parsnips

Salted caramel is a big hit in the dessert world, but you can adapt it to be used in savoury dishes as well as sweet. Parsnips benefit from a little sugar anyway, but this rich, sticky side will have everyone reaching for seconds.


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